Panania Fencing

Full of housing estates, backyards and laidback suburbia, Panania is a quiet, private suburb that is great for raising family and children or young couples. That’s why fencing is important to our clients in Panania, as they want to keep it that way. Under law, you’re required to upkeep half the cost of the fence unless you want it upgraded yourself. So, engage a reliable vendor to do the job for you when you call Richys Fencing.

How much will a brand new fence or service repair cost you? At Richys, we’ll let you know upfront. With a fast turnaround and quote system, we know you won’t be disappointed with our tradesmen. Everything is upfront, reliable and honest, so that you know precisely what you’re paying for. With a mindset that we are honoured to do business with the customer, you’ll find our business aspect charming and our talented team a pleasure to speak to.  Interested? Get a quote.


We cover all types of fencing, including:

  • Pool Fencing
  • Security
  • Boundary fencing
  • Pickets

We also dabble in every fencing material available. With over ten years experience in fencing, we can build and repair in aluminium, colourbond, gates and timber.  We are the leading providers of Panania fencing, and look forward to fulfilling your requirements. We know all the ins and outs of the trade when it comes to Panania fencing. As such, we cater for all shapes, colours, contours, builds and sizes. You won’t be disappointed when you buy Richys.


To find out if you’re covered or not by Richys, check out our service location area. Once you’re satisfied we’re the right people for the job, you can then contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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