Greenacre Fencing

Greenacre is a suburb undergoing massive change. Located in a prime location with a blend of different cultures, it is best to observe harmony in action by doing your bit to hold up the fence with your neighbour. Under law, repairs and new builds are to be covered by both parties, so why not pitch in and get Richys to do the job for you?

Whether you need boundary, pool, picket or security fencing, Richys Fencing are confident we’re the right people for the job. We do all our work efficiently without overpricing the job.

Fencing law is covered by the Dividing Fence Act. Subject to a range of rules and regulations, and not to mention emotional heartache between neighbours and friends, fencing is an issue you want fixed up in no time. That’s why we provide an end to end Australian owned family service that will see you delighted with your new fence.

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We cover all types of fencing, including:

  • Boundary fencing
  • Pool Fencing
  • Pickets
  • Security

We will repair fences in aluminium, colourbond, gates and timber.  With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, we only work on fencing when it suits you. That means we bend over backwards to accommodate your business schedule, and we are extremely professional, keeping to all schedules. We track all visits, and don’t do surprise drop ins. Richy’s is fully insured and licensed, with a focus on current and upcoming legislation so that we keep ourselves in line with the latest regulations.

As a family business, we look to do the job properly, so that you don’t have to pay someone a second time.


Step 1) Check our service location area to see if you’re covered.

Step 2) Once you’re under our location writ, you can then contact us. One of our friendly customer service operators will take your inquiry!

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